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Post Malone Concert Today! Wait... What About Kate??

Today It's happening Today is Pokémon day The Official Pokémon 25 Anniversary!!

Don't Forget the Post Malone Concert Today At Feb 27 7pm ET at POKEMON.COM/25.

Go to that page right now and set a remainder.

But Wait!!

I remember a certain someone with a K who liked something Like that (look at the pic)

Oh, Yeah Kate Perry. NOW WHERE THE Froakie IS SHE??!!

We haven't heard anything from her since 21 of JAN. January!! that was Almost 2 months from NOW. And now we suddenly have Post Malone, on the stage where Kate Perry should have been?? Plus they specifically said "Katy Perry Helps Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon

The pop icon joins a host of other artists to celebrate 25 years of Pokémon with music, retrospectives, merch, and more."

Yeah, and we have not seen like anything from her since that poke announcement (not counting a few weeks). Now where is she, Kate was supposed to help with the anniversary but now we have "Post Malone".

Has something happened?? Are Kate and Pokémon not working together anymore ?? Or are they saving her for some big finale??

Find Out Soon AT THE GAME REPORTER, Stay Tuned.

PS- Kate Perry makes much more sense for a children's role model (no offense P.M.) then P.M. (Post Malone) For CHILDEREN of course.

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